Essilor Premium Lenses : Airwear 1.59 Polycarbonate Lenses
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Essilor Airwear 1.59 Polycarbonate Prescription Lenses for Glasses

Essilor Airwear 1.59 Polycarbonate Lenses...

For people who rely on their spectacles for daily use, having the right lens is paramount. The lenses must be comfortable yet robust enough to cope with all daily activities, from sport right through to driving!

Airwear 1.59 index lenses lenses offer so many benefits to wearers that almost anyone is a candidate - whatever they do.

The success of Airwear is based on the quality of the coating, the Crizal Forte Scotchgard coating is the perfect partner. This coating ensure Airwear lenses remain clear even when subjected to daily wear. A Crizal Forte with Scotchgard Protector coating will ensure that the lenses remain dust & smudge free for longer making Airwear the ideal product for people that care about their vision.

Airwear® lenses owe their ultra lightness to the material from which they are made, which boasts an unrivalled index/density ratio.

Airwear is 30% lighter on average than index 1.5
Airwear is 12 times more shock-resistant than standard plastic lenses.
Airwear lens is 20% thinner than standard plastic lenses.

Essilor Airwear 1.59 Polycarbonate Transitions VI Lenses

Airwear Transitions are available in both brown and grey
Airwear Transitions combines the latest advances in photochromic chemistry with a lens to fit all lifestyles.
Airwear Transitions lenses are hard coated as standard and can further be enhanced with a Crizal Forte Scotchgard coating

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