Essilor Premium Lenses : Crizal Forte Coating with Scotchguard Protection
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Essilor Crizal Forte lens coating with Scotchguard protection...

The new standard in vision clarity

Crizal Forte ™ is the groundbreaking lens coating that takes scratch, dirt and reflection elimination to a new level.

It provides the most advanced and enduring protection for wearers, thanks to the latest technology in Hard, multi layer, anti-reflection coatings. A new intermediate booster layer creates a gradual increase in hardness from the scratch resistant layers to the AR coating, making Crizal Forte twice as scratch resistant as Crizal Alizé and just as tough as an AR glass coated lens.

New advanced hydrophobic HSD and anti-static Scotchgard protector technology gives Crizal Forte unequalled smudge resistance and dust repellence, achieving a new standard in vision clarity.

The optimisation of anti-reflective layers reduces reflections by 30% compared to Crizal Alize, taking visual comfort crystal clear clarity to level another.

No Quibble Two Year Consumer Guarantee Against Scratching and Manufacturing Defects.

Essilor is the first manufacturer in the UK to offer a guarantee against scratches on AR coated lenses. Crizal Forte lenses with a special two year guarantee which covers scratching and manufacturing defects

This guarantees you that you the consumer have Essilor's reassurance that if, in the event that you return the lenses with scratches, the lenses will be replaced by Essilor without quibble.

The terms and conditions of the guarantee are as follows:

The Crizal Forte lenses must only have been purchased and worn by the you.
Replacement lenses will be only be offered to the exact specification as the original pair.
The guarantee period starts from the despatch date of the original order.
No credit will be given for any lenses returned under this guarantee.
For any Transitions photochromic lenses where the scratching appears on just one of the lenses, a replacement pair will always be provided.

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