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Essilor Ormix 1.6 Index Thin & Light Lenses...

Thanks to its 1.6 refraction index, Ormix 1.6 is up to 30% thinner than standard 1.5 index Orma lenses

Not only does this thickness reduction significantly improve the aesthetic appearance of the spectacle lens, it also reduces the lens weight and therefore the overall spectacle weight, making the spectacle lighter and more comfortable to wear.

UV Protection

Ormix 1.6 lenses offer 100% protection against harmful UVA & UVB* rays prevalent below 400nm.

*UV rays can damage the retina just as they can harm the skin. Even non-tinted Ormix 1.6 lenses ensure a perfect level of UV protection is achieved.

Ultimate Optical Correction

Ormix 1.6 material offer excellent contrast and clear images due to its relatively high V value, when compared with similar index materials such as polycarbonate.

The V value of an optical lens material gives an indication of the extent the material splits white light into its constituent colours, (known as diffraction).The higher the V value, the better the material is at allowing light to pass through it without splitting, or causing the light to diffract.

This superb optical quality is further enhanced when combined with a high quality anti reflection coating such as the Crizal Forte.

Suitable for the Most Popular Rimless Frames

Ormix 1.6 is mechanically strong and extremely stable spectacle lens material. Excellent resistance to drilling, and the capability to withstand the pressure of high tension rimless lens mounting, make Ormix a superb choice for use with all rimless eyewear.

Multi-use Versatility

Ormix is an extremely versatile lens material

100% UV protection from UVA and UVB light rays
Suitable for rimless frames
Tintable, from light, cosmetic tints to the ultimate sunglass tint , CrizalSun
Available in Transitions VI, brown or grey
Can be optically optimised with application of the Crizal Forte coating.
High impact resistance
Hard coated as standard
Available as polarized brown or grey

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