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Essilor Stylis 1.67 Index Super Thin & Light Lenses...

Technology encompassing style

Stylis 1.67 index lenses set a new standard in lightweight, premium clarity, high-index lenses.

Innovations in both base material the chemical construction and lenses surfacing, allow us to create superb eyewear with thinner and flatter lenses, than we could ever dream of in the past.

Spectacle wearers all over the world are demanding high index lenses, because of their comfort and cosmetic appeal.

Increasingly, we expect more from both our spectacle frames and our spectacle lenses. We want our spectacle frames to be both ultra-light and ultra-strong, we want them to fit like a second skin. We want our spectacle frames to retain their shape and integrity in adverse conditions, they need to look and feel good at all times.

We need our spectacle lenses to perform just as well.

We need them to be light and tough, easy to clean yet hard to scratch, we need them to provide uncompromising clarity. We need our Spectacle frames and spectacle lenses to take everything thrown at them and still perform at their peak performance.

We need our prescription spectacles to be a fusion of the lightest, strongest, the most comfortable spectacle frame, with spectacle lenses which provide the highest level optical clarity, are the most durable, the easiest to clean, the hardest to scratch, the lightest to wear, and are of the thinnest* and flattest* in the world today.

1). When compared to a 1.6 index lens, Stylis 1.67 is, on average, 15% thinner and 25% flatter.
2). On average, a Stylis 1.67 lens is 10% lighter than a 1.6 index lens.
3). The Stylis 1.67 lens provides 100% protection against both UVA and UVB light rays.
4). Perfectly designed and adapted to the stresses applied by current rimless mounting methods (drilling, grooving, notching, etc...) for a perfect and durable fit whatever the type of frame.
5). Stylis 1.67 Secific gravity 1.36 grams/cm3
6). Stylis 1.67 Abbe value 32

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