Styles of Spectacle Frames

The most common styles of spectacle frames available for your glasses...

Spectacle frame and lens technology has improved dramatically over the past few years, but there are still inherent characteristics of available styles that may influence you in your choice of frame style.

To provide you with more insight, enabling you to make a more informed choice, we have compiled a short description of the common frame styles that you will find at NetPrice Designer Spectacles.

Full Rim

Full rim frames account for the lions share of any designers portfolio.

The two core types are plastic full rimmed frames and metal full rimmed frames. Full rimmed spectacle frames are without doubt the strongest and offer the best posible protection to the edge of the lenses. Aesthetically, full rimmed frames are also an excellent choice, particularly with high power prescriptions, as they conceal a greater amount of lens thickness.

Full rimmed frames are available in a seemingly endless array of designs and colours; the best design houses using the finest materials and the latest manufacturing techniques to create eyewear that is not only supremely strong, but at the forefront of fashion.

Supra Frames (1/2 Rims)

Supra frames, or 1/2 rim frames as they are better known, feature strongly in all of the very finest designer eyewear ranges. The contrasts between the framed part of the lens and the clean, polished edge of the lens can be nothing short of stunning.

1/2 rim frames can be made from either plastics or metal, in either case the bare edge of the lens is held in with a strong monofilament cord which sits in a groove cut into the lens.

1/2 rim frames are best suited to low to medium power prescriptions .


Rimless frames were once considered to be fragile and not up to the rigours of every day life; but not anymore. The use of tougher lens materials, lighter lens mounting metals, and stronger lens attachment methods has revolutionised the rimless frame available today and enabled the worlds best frame designers to create rimless eyewear that is ultra-light and strong. In fact they are so comfortable, you hardly know you're wearing them.

With all rimless eyewear the combination of lens material, prescription power, lens size and lens mountings material is important. Polycarbonate lenses are a must for rimless eyewear, as they are not only thinner, but are extremely mechanically strong. Lens power should be kept reasonably low as the lens edge is exposed, any increased thickness will be more visible with rimless eyewear. The same thickness problems can occur if the lenses are too large, increased lens size is directly linked to increased thickness. Finally the lens mounting material should be of the highest quality - these are the parts which will have to take the bumps, knocks and the general day to day wear and tear of everyday life; titanium is a particularly excellent choice due to its tensile strength and ultra light properties.

Combination Frames

Combination frames are a hybrid of the full rimmed frame and the 1/2 rimmed frame.

The upper part of the frame front is usually thicker (in most cases plastic is used for the upper part of the frame) and the lower part of the frame front is thinner (usually metal ). Combination frames are an excellent alternative to 1/2 rimmed spectacle frames, particularly when the prescription powers make the 1/2 rimmed frame unsuitable.

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