How to Measure for Your Spectacle Frames
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How to Measure for Your Spectacle Frames

How to Measure for Your Spectacle Frames...

When you visit an optician, the prescription you obtain covers all the details a dispensing optician will require in producing the lenses for your glasses.

But both the style and size of the frame is your own personal choice

If you already wear spectacles, then you may be able to find the dimensions of the frame printed / embossed on them. This would normally be on the inside of one of the arms but could also be on the bridge or even nosepiece. If they are present, you will recognise them as 3 distinct sets of numbers: the first represents the longest dimension of the lens, the second is the distance between the lenses, and the third is the side length of the arm from the temple to the tip.

If these numbers aren't present, then don't be concerned - on some they are very difficult find or they may have worn off. You can always use a ruler to measure yourself by refering to the illustrations below.

What if you don't have my size?

Don't worry... The frame dimensions given are in millimetre, so there will be a fair degree of flexibility involved. For example, a side length plus or minus a few millimetres when compared to a pair you already wear will more often than not be just as comfortable. Nose pieces can also be adjusted in many frames to take up slight differences in bridge sizes. If you are not sure, then please contact us for advice - we are here to help!.

Spectacle Frames lens Box Size Dimension Box Lens Width

This is more commonly referred to as the width of the lens. It is a measure taken horizontally at the widest point across the lens..

More often than not, the width of the lens is longer than the height of the lens.

Spectacle Frames Distance Between LensesDistance Between the Lenses

More commonly referred to as the bridge measurement, it is more accurately a direct measurement of the shortest distance from one lens to the other.
Spectacle Frames Side LengthSide Length

The side length measurement measures from the hinge of the frames all the way to the tip of the arm. If there is a bend in the arm, as shown in the illustration, this measurement also includes the bend in the measurement.

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